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We constantly work on delivering our tools to more people and making our services more convenient. We realize that many traders use some standard software to trade on the Forex market, so we have developed solutions for some of the more popular applications that will allow you to integrate our service with your preferred method of trading.

On this page you can see a list of available plug-ins and the status of those which are currently being developed:

MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Created to provide trade operations and technical analysis in real time when working with Forex, CFD, or Futures financial markets. A wide range of options allows you to flexibly manage your trading activities.
Status: Under development
Release Date: 05/30/2010
MetaStock A tool for traders to analyze the markets on the sector, industry group, and security levels. It uses charts and indicators to help you decide when to take and exit trades.
Status: Under development
Release Date: 06/15/2010
Microsoft Excel 2003/2007 A spreadsheet-application written and distributed by Microsoft. It features calculations, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called VBA. It is used by many traders to calculate predictions and examine their trading strategies offline.
Status: Under development
Release Date: 07/01/2010