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Stock Forecasting Int. (Chicago, USA) provides innovative artificial price-prediction technology for active Day Traders, Short- and Long-term Investors. We develop advanced web-based software for stock market forecasting and analysis.

Our high-quality solutions are based on research done by world-renowned scientists. The innovative technology and mathematical theory were presented at 58th International Atlantic Economic Conference (Chicago, USA, October 2004), 60th International Atlantic Economic Conference (New York, USA, October 2005) and 98th Symposium of the Mathematical Theory of Network and System (Padova, Italy, July 1998).

Our team is highly educated in associated fields, and we are committed to delivering the most accurate predictions for financial professionals, active traders, and investors.

About our Service

The artificial intelligence Forex-Forecasting software is based on neural network technology, advanced statistical methods and non-periodic wave analysis. The Stock-Forecasting software predicts forex trend and analyzes the accuracy of predictions.

FF is simple to use and fully automatic. You are one mouse click away from getting most features. FF based on neural network forecasting technology and is the most accurate on the market. The mathematical techniques of FF can be supplemental to fundamental analysis. FF is powerful, fast and accurate software that offers great value for a minimal cost.

What Makes Us Different?

In today's crowded marketplace, choosing the right prediction software can be an imposing task. Here are just a few reasons why we strongly recommend

Software Foundation - Neural networks function like the human brain. Our software mathematically compares existing stock-trading patterns with previous patterns and analyzes these interconnections. By using our innovative neural network-based technology, you can make money in both "bear" and "bull" markets.

Financial Services - We have carefully created a company structure that will enable us to serve our customers and position us for future growth. Great products at great prices equal great partnerships!

Focus – Our goal is to generate accurate forex forecasts and we are committed to it at every level. You can contact us at